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Summer Camp Programs

Students will learn various science experiments that will make learning FUN! We cover areas such as Weather, Electricity, Balance, How your eyes see things, Motion, Slime based items, and what grows between your toes! 

Our programs are created to fit any time frame! We have custom tailored programs to fit 2 hours all the way to 1 week long! 

All kids will receive a science set, learn about the contents of the kit, and take them home. The kit can be made to fit any budget and age range!


Ever wanted to learn the secrets of magic?  Ever wanted to become a master magician or master wizard? Here is your chance!

Camp ABRACADABRA is a 1 day or multi day magic camp.

We offer camps both onsite at our facility as well as off site camps. 

All kids will receive a custom tailored magic set to your budget. The magician will instruct everyone on how to the tricks in the set as well as tricks that can be done with everyday objects!

Special Needs Programs


Our staff has the ability to host week long or 1 day camps that are tailored for special needs programs. Programs that are often requested are: Magic Camp, Science Camp, Hooping Camp, and Circus Camp.

Don't forget we offer ponies and petting zoo's as well! 


I wanted to thank Mr. David for giving our Special Needs people such a great show on last Friday at Washington Senior Center.
He was so kind and patient with the participants, and I could tell they were having a wonderful time!
I loved the way he brought people up to help, and had the audience applaud each helper. Their faces were just beaming!
They loved the hats, magic wands and of course Captain Midnight the Rabbit!
Mr. David ran a great show, and I am looking to see when I can program his science based magic show in the future.
— Grace A. Venet /Romeo Washington Bruce Parks & Recreation Parade Coordinator Special Needs Programmer